XXI edition
Master’s Founder: Prof. Antonio Scipioni

Presentation Master in Strategy Environmental Management


Welcome to the Master in Strategic Environmental Management.
The Master is an interdisciplinary course which aims to provide knowledge, skills and qualifications required to succeed in future career in the green job sector.

You will deal with the most up-to-date themes in the environment field: climate change, water and carbon footprint, energy management, environmental audit, necessary topics in the modern strategic environmental management It is a well-known and historical Master organized by CESQA, a center of environmental research at the the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Padova
The founder master is Professor Antonio Scipioni.

It offers the opportunity of addressing your own degree towards the most promising sector of the job placement and improving your qualification and career within your own company or activity.
You will acquire skills and insight that certainly will increase your employability and accelerate your professional development, by standing you out from other candidates.
Past graduates of this Master have gone on to successful careers in the private and public sectors with placements at management levels within companies and institutions. Also freelances have exploited the acquired qualifications to improve their consultant career.

The Master is awarded by the Ecoaudit-Ecolabel National Body as National EMAS School for the Public Administrations.

Who is it addressed to? Master in Strategy Environmental Management

Who is it addressed to?

The Master in Strategic Environmental Management is addressed to newly graduates and to already employed and desiring a further qualification, according to a continuous training perspective.

Already-employed individuals will enjoy several facilities: classes are concentrated on fridays for the entire day and saturday morning, planned to minimize travels and easy who comes from outside the Veneto Region; the internship training period is not compulsory (but recommended) and can be changed into a project work.

The Master offers to newly graduates a good chance to achieve essential skills to environmental management, usually hard to build-up in an ordinary university course. This becomes possible thanks to class lessons and internship training period.

Duration and Structure Master in Strategy Environmental Management

Duration and structure

The master lasts 11 months (from November 2023 to September 2024).

It takes up 1500 hours, divided into:
– 296 hours lessons and 40 hours e-learning;
– 450 hours stage and/or project work;
– 714 hours for personal study and for drafting the final report.
Lessons will be on Friday (all day – 8 hours) and on Saturday morning (4 hours).

Topics Master in Strategy Environmental Management


The Master aims to train polyvalent, topical and strongly oriented professionals to the needs of the labour market in the environmental management context.

Graduates of the Master are able to combine methodologies and techniques for the measurement of environmental issues with tools to ensure a competitive approach and managerial methods able, to realize exactly a strategic environmental management.
This professional is able to find a placement:
– in the management roles within an enterprise and in the consultancy sector;
– within Public Administrations and organizations working in the sector of the services offered to both public and private Institutions.

The following topics will be dealt with:

Basics of business management
The objective is to provide basic knowledge about the business organization and its operation.

Environmental regulation and environmental techniques and technologies
The course aims at the analysis of the European and national legislation on environmental issues, with particular attention to environmental impacts (air quality and emissions, water, waste management, noise pollution and noise control, soil contamination, smells, radiations, AIA and IPPC, Seveso Directive. Furthermore, are analyzed the different technological solutions for the pollution reduction.

Environmental management systems
An Environmental Management System (EMS) allows an organization to identify, manage and control the environmental aspects and impacts resulting from its activities. Are analysed: the process of standardization, accreditation and certification and the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and EMAS European Regulation for implementing an EMS (Initial Environmental Review, Environmental policy, system planning, implementation and operation of the system, control operating, environmental emergencies, training, monitoring and measurement, management review, the environmental statement).
Furthermore, are provided basics of environmental risk assessment and of corporate social responsibility.

Environmental Audit
The course provides specialized training on the planning and carrying out audits, for environmental management systems of an organization and the presentation of results as required by UNI EN ISO 19011 standard.

Energy Management System Audit
The course provides specialized training on the planning and carrying out audits, for energy management systems (according to ISO 50001)  of an organization and the presentation of results as required by UNI EN ISO 19011 standard.

Life Cycle Management
The focus is the life cycle approach to assess the environmental impacts both of products and of organization. The main themes are: the EU Integrated Product Policy, the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment, Green Public Procurement (GPP of Public Administration), environmental labels, the Ecolabel Regulation and other tools based on the life cycle approach, like life cycle costing, social life cycle assessment, ecoefficiency ecosystem services.

According to the European Product Environmental Footprint policy to develop methodologies for measuring the products environmental impacts, the course gives knowledge on Carbon footprint, Water footprint applied to product (but also to organization) and future application of footprinting.

Certificates Master in Strategy Environmental Management


At the end of the Master, the professional profile of the participants will be especially qualified through a series of certifications and recognized awards, that can be fruitfully and directly applied in a job, achieving them passing specific tests within the course.

In addition to the title of Master, it is possible to achieve:
-the title of the internal auditor and consultant EMAS (and included in the national registers maintained by ISPRA);
-the title of Lead Environmental Auditor;
– the title of Lead Energy Management System Auditor.

Faculty Master in Gestione Ambientale Strategica


Founder: Prof. Antonio Scipioni.
Teachers come from the University of Padua and from other Italian and European Universities such as Hochschule Zittau/Goerlitz , Wroclaw University, Lappeenranta University, Winchester Business School, Aahrus University and University of Southern Denmark.

They are also professional experts coming from all over Italy and operating in organizations already active in environmental management, testimonials of certified companies, teachers coming from public institutions such as the Department of the Environment, ACCREDIA, ISPRA, ARPA Veneto, certification bodies.

Network Master in Gestione Ambientale Strategica


Thanks to the Master you can create a network of contacts: with your colleagues, with teachers, with international organizations and bodies that deal with the Master.

The Master in Strategic Environmental Management has the support of:

Cooperate to the Master’s organization:

Foreign Universities

Admission Master in Strategy Environmental Management

Admission requirements and application

Admission requirements: university degree (also junior/bachelor). The candidates will be selected on the basis of their curriculum vitae et studiorum.
Students getting degree before the course starts, can also apply.

Attending: required at least 70% of lessons and training hours.
Maximum number of students: 35.
ECTS credits: 60 credits.
Enrolment fee: 4122,50 € (payable in two instalments).
Application: admittance request must be submitted online as indicated in the call for application by October, the 6th 2023. In case of difficulties in completing the application the Help Desk Service is active to the phone number +39 (0) 3392073999.
The request follows the online procedure indicated in the call for application.